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About Us

Mr. Sheridan is a trial attorney who, through negotiation, tries to keep clients out of trial where possible. His professional experience and accomplishments include:

  • Prosecuting as a district attorney in San Francisco and the East Bay, for seven years; from DUI to sex charges to murder trials. He served as head of the Rape Prosecution unit in San Francisco.
  • Defense attorney in San Francisco and Bay Area counties since 1974, through the present.
  • Professor, Constitutional and First Amendment (freedom of expression) Law, San Francisco Law School, 2002-2007 and continuing.
  • Rated as being among the highest in terms of skill and reliability by fellow-attorneys polled in the Marindale-Hubbell rating service ("AV")
  • Rated by fellow-attorneys polled in the Bar Association of San Francisco Indigent Defense Panel as qualified for appointment by the Superior Court for representation in the most serious of criminal matters.
  • His many defense efforts include:
    • Golden Dragon Massacre trials
    • Foxglove Poison-Murder trial
    • Dismissal of sixty-one counts of False Child Sexual Molestation allegations after trial
  • Mr. Sheridan has addressed audiences of judges and attorneys at professional seminars on the subject of false child sexual allegations, on the need to investigate competently, and to warn that while children rarely fool adults, adults often fool themselves. A competent investigation is the answer to many difficult questions. It is also very difficult to come by, especially when blinkered by preconceptions.
  • Published articles by Mr. Sheridan on the above subjects are available on the Law Office blog or the Sheridan Conlaw blog.